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At the forefront of innovation and excellence, Xeinz Group, widely recognized as a premier investment consortium, specializes in the realms of power generation and upscale commercial real estate. Our corporate ethos embodies a progressive philosophy that places high regard on the well-being of our employees, environmental stewardship, and an unwavering commitment to social responsibility.

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At Regency, our core values drive success and foster inclusive workplaces. We prioritize sustainability, integrity, and respect for all employees. Our commitment to excellence and innovation propels us forward. Thrive in a supportive culture that encourages professional development. Choose Regency and be part of a team shaping a better future.

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Regency seeks adaptable individuals who can navigate the evolving demands of our customers with agility. Flexibility is at the heart of our service ethos, ensuring tailored solutions and timely responses. Our team's versatility is crucial in providing exceptional, customer-centric experiences that reinforce our industry-leading reputation.

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Regency's on-site manufacturing facility affords immediate access to a vast inventory of components essential for diesel generator repair. This proximity to parts ensures swift replacement, minimizing downtime. The availability of genuine, high-quality pieces from their manufacturing base expedites the repair process, ensuring reliability and optimal generator performance.

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Our Values

At Regency, core values are our compass. We ardently advocate for sustainability, nurturing an eco-conscious workplace. Integrity guides our every transaction, ensuring trust and reliability. Respect for diversity fuels innovation and collaboration. Our values are foundational, driving both our internal culture and our commitment to making a tangible, positive societal impact.

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