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Diesel Generator Servicing

Regular servicing of diesel generators is essential for their longevity, reliability, and performance. Given the critical role that these generators play in providing emergency power, it is paramount that they are maintained by a reputable business with expert knowledge of diesel generators and their components. There are several compelling reasons why expertise and reputation should be the guiding criteria when selecting a service provider.

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Diesel Generator Engine Checks being carried out
Service Engine Checks

Engine checks include oil and coolant levels, checking for fluid leaks, belt condition and other general checks. More advanced invasive checks can be performed if required, or if significant defects are found.

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Diesel generator battery checks
Diesel generator battery Checks

Checking the battery and the DC starting system is important - without it the generator might not start! We can check and advise if a new battery or other components are required.

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Diesel generator fuel tank check
Fuel System Checks

The fuel system and its integrity is an essential check. Fuel leaking into the enviroment can be a major cause of pollution and possibly land you with a big liability in fines and cleanup.

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Diesel generator Filter Changes
Filter Change

Oil, Fuel and Air Filters should be changed to make sure the unit continues to run. filters can become blocked with use. Without use they can degrade and allow particles to enter the engine, shortening its life.

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