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Replacement Generators

Sometimes you need a replacement generator. Your current diesel generator may have become unrealiable, obsolete or too small to meet your requirements. Regency can remove your exisiting generator and replace it with a new modern effiecent product. We can plan and execute this without the need for other contractors, making the whole process fast and hassel free.

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Regency Diesel Generator Replacement
Generator Replacement

Generators may fail due to mechanical wear, fuel system issues, or component malfunctions. Regency can expertly diagnose such failures and, if necessary, replace your generator. With access to quality equipment and skilled technicians, Regency ensures a seamless substitution, restoring dependable power supply with minimal disruption to operations.

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Regency Partial Generator Replacement
Partial Replacement

Repairing an AC diesel generator on-site, especially when access is difficult, can be more cost-efficient and quicker than removal. It eliminates the need for complex extraction logistics and reduces downtime. Repairs by skilled technicians, like those from Regency, can restore functionality with minimal disturbance to the existing setup and operation.

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Breaking Down A replacement Generator
Generator Breakdown

Regency's seasoned technicians are adept in component-level disassembly, allowing them to transport parts to the most challenging locations. Their strategic approach facilitates the movement of large machinery through restricted areas without compromising the integrity of the equipment. This disassembly and reassembly competence ensures successful installations in otherwise inaccessible sites.

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Generator Replacement Test
System Test

Regency's technicians are adept in performing diesel generator tests, leveraging sophisticated diagnostic tools and adhering to stringent safety protocols. Their comprehensive training ensures they can effectively assess generator health, verify operation efficiency, and identify issues requiring maintenance. Their expertise guarantees a robust validation of the generator's readiness for reliable performance.

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