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Diesel Generator AC Alternator Replacement

AC alternators often require replacement. Sending the alternator to be rewound is often not a fast enough solution when you have a generator offline. Equally it may not be cost effective. In some situations it may be possible to bring a new machine to site and remove the old unit in a single visit, saving money potentially on cranes and labour for a cost effective solution.

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AC Alternators in Stock for generator replacement
Alternator Stock

To be able to replace an alternator, first you need stock. Regency can call not only on its own, but our group stock of AC alternators. Ttpically this can be over 200 machines. With this stock we can often locate and replace your alternator faster than anyone else.

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Diesel Generator Electrical Switchgear
Alternator Removal

Repairs are required for performance, insurance and safety. Our team are able to advise on and execute the best solutions from a basic repair to a full replacement. Our generator repair service can cover the engine, alternator, plant room and accessories including switch gear. Qualified people providing a quality service.

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Diesel Generator Controls
Diesel Generator Controls

The electrical energy comes from the alternator, so it is connected to all the generator controls. We can remove and refit these controls in most cases, or if incompatible replace the controls. Our ability and experience with a range of generator controls sets us ahead.

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Diesel generator acoustic housing container
Acoustic Containment

Acoustics are an important part of any installation. To replace an alternator, which is a heavy item, getting it inside your acoustics can be tricky. We have years of experience accessing and replacing parts in these tight spaces, so you can be sure we have a solution for you.

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