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Diesel Generator Testing

Testing your diesel generator is essential. If you want it to perform when you need it, testing it is the best way. This, combined with ongoing maintenance, extensive inspections and load test help to ensure an extended life and safe uninterupted operation.

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Diesel Generator Engine Repairs
Generator System Test

We can do everything from a basic system test to a full load test to validate your diesel generator installation. Regular testing protects your investment and the health and safety of your employees.

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Generator Component Test
Diesel Generator Component Test

As well as the complete system it may be desirable to test individual components, especially when we find potential problems. We can test, replace or advise on most components in the system.

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Image of generator electical test equipment
Generator Electrical Testing

Electrical tests on a diesel generator can be undertaken on both the DC and AC sides of the system. These tests can check for current exisiting issues, or detect issues that might become a problem later on.

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Diesel generator Oil Sample
Generator Oil Samples

In many cases sampling the engine oil rather than changing it is a cost effective option, especially for larger machines that hold a large quantity. If the existing oil is found to be within limits, it saves the cost of new oil, removal and disposal.

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