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Diesel Generator Fuel Tanks

Diesel fuel is required to run your diesel generator. While this seems simple, a badly designed or installed system can leave you without power. At Regency we know generators, as well as generator fuel systems. We can design and install a new tank or replace an older system to meet current regulations.

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Diesel Generator Fuel Tank
Generator Fuel Tanks

Diesel generator fuel tanks need to be able to hold enough fuel to take you through a blackout. While many generators have their own base tank, this is often low in capacity. Regency can supply and fit a new bulk tank or replace your exisiting bulk tank.

Diesel Generator Tanks
Fuel Polishing on a diesel generator
Fuel Polishing

Fuel polishing begins by connecting a fuel polishing rig to the diesel tank. The machine sucks the fuel from the tank and pumps it through a series of filters to remove water and other contamination. The process can take from an hour to a few days depending on the size of the tank and the contamination levels.

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Diesel Bug
Diesel Bug

Diesel bug is a single microorganism or a group of microorganisms that grow on fuels, especially those contaminated by water. It includes bacteria, filamentous moulds and yeasts. Feeding on the hydrocarbons in the fuel they create biomass, biofilms and damaging by-products.

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Diesel generator acoustic housing container
Tank Replacement

Diesel tanks often need replacement. They can need replacement due to age, damage or enviromental conditions. Our team know the UK OFTEC regulations and we can advise you as to the suitability of your current tank and potential replacements. We can install and connect them up.

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