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Diesel Generator Load Testing

Load testing is part of diesel generator maintenance. Putting a generator on load stresses all the components and ensures they are able to perform as per the data plate. Tests are typically started off load and then they are ramped up to 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% load and sometimes with 110% load.

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Diesel Generator Load test heating Element
How We Load Test

A generator load test typically involves the use of a load bank. The load bank is made from heating elements which are used to draw the generators power.

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Diesel Generator Load Test Proceedure
Load Test Proceedure

Before testing on load, the generator will need to be inspected. This enqures any obvious problems can be corrected before the test begins.

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Image of generator load Increasing
Generator Loading

The load is gradually increased from zero until the unit is at full load. typically this test can be an hour to a day depending on the customers requirement.

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Generator Step Load Test
Generator Step Load Test

When the mains fails the generator is often expected to take a large step load. A load test can simulate this even to ensure the generator can handle the buildings load.

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