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Diesel Generators and BMS

There are a range of BMS systems on the market, but everyone with a BMS system wants to connect their diesel generator to it. Many of our generators are BMS ready, allowing for system integration and the optimal use of the BMS system with the generator.

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Diesel Generator BMS Integration
Generator BMS Integration

Different BMS systems have different requirements, so it's important we understand your BMS systems requirements to provide you with the right generator interface.

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Diesel Generator Remote Connection Options
BMS Interfaces

Typically interfaces can be RS485, but they can also use ethernet connections or RS232 connections for short distances. Our options allow for a range of solutions.

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BMS Monitoring random image
Monitoring and Managing

Allowing the BMS to integrate with the generator allows continuous monitoring. Fuel issues, running status and switchgear status can all be added to the BMS.

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Generator Engineer On The Way
Proactive Solutions

Generator engineers can be called to faults earlier before issues cause operational problems. With multi-billion pound assets often protected by the generator, BMS is critical.

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