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Acoustics are a huge part of any diesel generator project. While some locations and customers require only standard acoustic enclosures, others require significantly lower noise levels. Advanced enclosures can cost significantly more than the core product, with levels as low as 60DBA@1m available.

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Diesel Generator Acoustic Container
Acoustic Containers

Acoustic containers can be designed at 10FT, 20FT and 40FT in standard sizes, as well as any custom size to meet the project requirements. Noise levels can also be adjusted and CSC plating can be provided if required for export applications.

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Acoustic Canopy for Diesel Generators
Acoustic Canopies

Acoustic canopies for smaller diesel generators are a more cost effective solution. Most standard products come in a canopy. Various custom options can be purchased or special custom designs can be made to order.

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Acoustic Generator Plant Room
Acoustic Rooms

Often an acoustic room can be a quieter option vs an acoustic canopy or container. An acoustic room allows for better access and easier maintenance, while for quieter applications it can be more cost effective.

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Acoustic Measurements being taken
Acoustic Measurements

While acoustic engineering is a specilist field, our team can measure and advise on courses of action to reduce noise in certain directions or locations. We can also supply and fit additional silencers if required.

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