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Diesel Generator Repairs

When it comes to maintaining and repairing diesel generators, the importance of relying on a reputable business with specialised knowledge of diesel generators and their components cannot be overstated. Diesel generators are integral to many industries, providing critical backup power in case of outages and ensuring continuity of operations. Due to their complexity and the crucial role they play, here are several reasons why expertise and a solid reputation are key when selecting a service provider for repair work.

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Diesel Generator Engine Repairs
Engine Repairs

Diesel Engines need repair for many reasons, age, poor fuel or general mechanical failure. We can investigate and repair, or replace your engine.

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Diesel generator alternator repairs
Diesel Generator Alternator Repairs

Electrical components in an AC alternator can fail over time or from enviromental effects. We can replace AVR's, diodes and even the whole alternator if more cost effective.

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Diesel Generator Enclosure Repairs
Diesel Generator Enclosure Repairs

The Acoustic housings on generators often need repair or replacement. We can mange this for you, or we can replace the whole unit if deemed more cost effective.

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Diesel generator messy wiring
Diesel Generator Control Panel Repair

Control panels can need repair due to damaged or burnt components, old panels can be a mess from years of alterations and repairs. We can simplify or replace most generator panels to make it easier to manage going forwards.

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