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Introduction to the RSC-HMU Controller

Controller Introduction

The RSC-HMU Controllis Controller is a custom controller designed for use on DC variable speed generators for Telecoms use. Made up of 4 control boards housed in a rugged metal case. The controller nominally takes a 12V supply voltage of approximately 0.5A (6W). Below is an image of the controller after the booting up.

For working on the RSC-HMU Controller we would recommend making sure you have the recommended list of tools.

There are also a number of guides to the controller and its functions which are useful.

RSC-HMU Controller - Updating Maintenance Work

RSC-HMU Controller - Field Guide

RSC-HMU Wiring Diagrams and the MOD48 Generator Wiring Diagram

RSC-HMU Controller External Data Card


Management of the RSC-HMU Controller

After connecting to  the RSC-HMU via ethernet,  the controller can be configured and monitored using web interfaces. The three main web interfaces are:

Page Name Use
RSC-HMU Controller Console Main Configuration and Monitoring Page
RSC-HMU Commissioner Page Sensor Configuration and Setup
RSC-HMU Telemetry Web Page Controller Monitoring Live


Remote Management Of RSC-HMU Controller

The controller can be managed online using a Remote Management Server (RMS). The remote management server can be used to update, monitor and upgrade the controller.

To connect the controller to the RMS, follow the guide Setting Up RSC-HMU Connection to Controllis Management Server.


GPS Connection of RSC-HMU Controller

The controller has built in GPS.  To set up the GPS Connection, follow the guide Connecting the RSC-HMU Controller to GPS.


Troubleshooting the RSC-HMU Controller

For troubleshooting, see the page Troubleshooting the RSC-HMU Controller