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Connecting the RSC-HMU Controller to GPS

The Controllis RSC-HMU controller has built in GPS functionality, enabling the controller to geo-locate itself. The Geo-Location information is available on screen, as well as in the Controllis Remote Management Server RMS portal when connected.

To view the geolocation information in the Controllis Remote management server portal, follow the instructions on how to Accessing the Remote Management Server Web Portal.

To view the the GPS Status page, from the main RSC-HMU Controller Status Screen, press the down arrow, 4 times.

When not connected to GPS this screen will display:



If no GPS fix is available, install a suitable GPS antenna to the GPS Port on the top of the controller. The GPS antenna is the port on the top on the right hand side. Position the antenna so it has a clear unobstructed view of the sky to enable it to receive a strong GPS signal.



The HDOP (Horizontal Dilution Of Precision) indicates how good the GPS fix is. In open areas with a good antenna, this should be under 2. As the number increases, it indicates a less accurate GPS fix. The table below shows the values for DOP.


HDOP Value Rating[5] Description
<1 Ideal Highest possible confidence level to be used for applications demanding the highest possible precision at all times.
1-2 Excellent At this confidence level, positional measurements are considered accurate enough to meet all but the most sensitive applications.
2-5 Good Represents a level that marks the minimum appropriate for making accurate decisions. Positional measurements could be used to make reliable in-route navigation suggestions to the user.
5-10 Moderate Positional measurements could be used for calculations, but the fix quality could still be improved. A more open view of the sky is recommended.
10-20 Fair Represents a low confidence level. Positional measurements should be discarded or used only to indicate a very rough estimate of the current location.
>20 Poor At this level, measurements are inaccurate by as much as 300 meters with a 6-meter accurate device (50 DOP × 6 meters) and should be discarded.