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Accessing the Controllis RMS Management Portal

The Controllis Remote management server portal allows remote monitoring, updating and configuration via a Web interface to all controllers connected  to a  Controllis RMS.

To connect your controller to a Controllis RMS, please see Connecting a RSC-HMU to a Controllis Remote Management Server.


Prerequisites For Connecting to the Controllis Remote Management Server (RMS):

  1. A Network Connection, with Internet Access
  2. A Controllis RMS (request setup if required, charges may apply)
  3. Controllis RSC-HMU connected to the portal to view.

If you have a management server set up, you will have a URL to connect to the management server. The URL to a management server will look like:

Where My Address is your Controllis RMS server name. When you access the URL the log-in page will appear. You should use your username and password to log in. If you don't have a username and password, please contact Controllis.



After logging in, view the Controllis RMS Portal Main Pages

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