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Troubleshooting the RSC-HMU Controller

RSC-HMU Controller Hangs on startup "Controllis" Screen

This indicates the controllers internal flash memory card has failed. You should replace the flash memory card and reinstall the software, followed by reconfiguration in the normal way.

RSC-HMU Controller Does not display site status screen and engine instrument data

If this screen is unavailable, it points to a corrupt sqllite database on the the external flash drive. Restore the database on the external flash drive from a good copy. We would also suggest, because the cost is low, changing the flash card.

Also see viewing and editing the sqllite database.


RSC-HMU Controller Does not display fuel level correctly

See the article "Configuring and Adjusting the Fuel Level Sender tot he RSC-HMU Controller."

Article: 496, Version: 3