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Explained: All about the Perkins 4000 Series

Perkins 4000 Series Overview

The Perkins 4000 Series provide top levels of performance and reliability for both standby and prime electricity generation.  The series aims to meet the uncompromising demands of customers for power generation and it has become a true leader at this size.

Need a generator? Our UK made generators and Perkins powered generators include these engine models.

Perkins 4000 Series Manufacturing Locations

The Perkins 4000 series engines are manufactured in the Stafford, UK and in Aurangabad, in India. Want to find out how you can tell where your Perkins engine was made?

Perkins 4000 Series Range

The 4000 series includes 6, 8, 12 and 16 cylinder diesel engines which cover a wide range of power outputs. The generator output of this range is 750-2500 kVA, with outputs which can be achieved at a wide range of temperatures.

Perkins 4000 Series Diesel Engine Range

The Perkins diesel engine range for electric power includes the following models. Click for more details on each individual engine.

Perkins 4006 Series, 6 Cylinder, Diesel

Perkins 4008 Series, 8 Cylinder, Diesel

Perkins 4012 Series, 12 Cylinder, Diesel

Perkins 4016 Series, 16 Cylinder,  Diesel

Perkins 4000 Series Gas Engine Range

The Perkins gas engine range for electric power includes the following models. providing reliable base load power, this range of engines can be used with a variety of gas types with suitable application appraisal. 

Perkins 4006 Series, 6 Cylinder, Gas

  • 4006-23TRS1
  • 4006-23TRS2

Perkins 4008 Series, 8 Cylinder, Gas

  • 4008-30TRS1
  • 4006-23TRS2

Perkins 4012 Series, 12 Cylinder, Gas

It is or understanding that the 4012 Series Gas product has been discontinued.

Perkins 4016 Series, 16 Cylinder, Gas

  • 4016-61TRS1
  • 4016-61TRS2

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Perkins 4000 Series

Every engine will have good advantages and disadvantages compared to other competitors products. Here are the key advantages and disadvantages on the Perkins 4000 series range.

Advantages of Perkins 4000 Series

  • Well known, reliable, strong platform
  • Good initial purchasing cost and excellent residual value
  • Good fuel consumption 
  • Excellent warranty support
  • Available in gas and diesel models

Disadvantages of Perkins 4000 Series

  • Poor outputs at 60Hz
  • Specifications require large bulk fuel tanks
  • Some of the radiators are extremely large.