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How to tell where a Perkins engine is made? Where does Perkins manufacture engines?

Manufacturing Locations

Perkins is a global company, supplying engines to a range of sectors and applications. This is one of the things that makes a Perkins engine so reliable - experience in a range of sectors. The engines for power generation are made at all of their manufacturing locations.

Current Manufacturing Locations

The current active manufacturing locations for Perkins Engines are:

  • Stafford, UK
  • Peterborough, UK
  • Wimborne, UK (marine)
  • Aurangabad, India
  • Curitiba, Brazil
  • Wuxi, China
  • Seguin, Texas, USA

How to tell where my engine is made?

Each Perkins engine after manufacturer has a unique serial number. This serial number gives a lot of information about an engine and one of the key pieces of information is the manufacturing location. Here is an example of a Perkins engine serial number plate. These plate vary between engine ranges and/or location, so your plate may not look the same as this. This is an example plate from the 2000 series range.

You can see from the above image we have highlighted the letter in the centre of the serial number - this shows the manufacturing location. So which letters indicate which plants? see the table below to see where your engine was manufactured.

Current plants are highlighted blue for quick reference.

Letter Country Letter Country Letter Country Letter Country
A Argentina HC China L Italy SA South Africa
B Brazil HM Indonesia M Mexico T Turkey
C Australia HK Iraq MX Mexico U UK
D Germany HU Uruguay N USA V Pakistan
E Spain J Japan P Poland W Iran
F France K Korea China X Peru
            Y Yugoslavia


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