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All About the Perkins 4016-61TRG1 Engine

What is the Perkins 4016-61TRG1 diesel engine?

The Perkins 4016-61TRG1 diesel engine is currently the least powerful of all the 4000 series engines in the Perkins range, however it is by no means a small engine. The 4016-61TRG1 engine is a turbocharged, air-to-water charge-cooled, 16 cylinder diesel engine.

Where is the Perkins 4016-61TRG1 diesel engine currently manufactured?

The Perkins 4016-61TRG1 is currently manufactured in the UK at Stafford and in India at Aurangabad. The Perkins build list for this engine model begins DGPR.

The most modern of the 4016 engine range the unit provides power in a wide range of applications and at 50/60hz depending on its configuration. With individual cylinder heads, each with 4 valves, gas flows are optimised to improve combustion in the cylinders.

What is the displacement of the Perkins 4016-61TRG1 diesel engine?

Holding 4 turbochargers, 237 litres of oil for lubrication , 215 litres of coolant with a tropical radiator and a total displacement of 61.123L, this engine is huge.

What is the power output of the Perkins 4016-61TRG1 diesel engine?

All these elements combine to produce the 2377 horsepower (1774 kWm) at 1500 RPM. Oil service intervals are 500 hours as standard.

What power rating does the Perkins 4016-61TRG1 diesel engine run at?

The engine is available for use in diesel generators at Prime (PRP), Standby (ESP) and Continuous (COP) ratings to cover most requirements around the world. The 4016-61TRG1 is specially tuned for improved load acceptance response in standby duty.

What is the fuel consumption of the Perkins 4016-61TRG1 diesel engine?

The Perkins 4016-61TRG1 fuel consumption depends on its load. At 1500 rpm prime power it is has the following fuel consumption (percent of prime power):

  • At 50% it uses 198 litres/hr
  • At 75% it uses 300 litres/hr
  • At prime power it uses 384 litres/hr
  • At standby power it uses 414 litres/hr

What are the dimensions of the Perkins 4016-61TRG1 diesel engine?

4562mm (180") Long, 2185mm (86") Wide and 2366mm (84") high with a tropical radiator, high with a temperate radiator, this beast of an engine stands tall. The cylinders are also huge - each having a bore of 160mm and a 190mm stroke each having a capacity of 3.82 litres - several times more than the average car engine.

Viewed from the flywheel end, the flywheel rotates anti-clockwise.

What customer support is offered with the Perkins 4016-61TRG1 diesel engine?

The experienced global network of Perkins distributors and dealers and trained engine experts are available to deliver total service support around the clock, 365 days a year. They have a selection of modern web based tools at their disposal to cover technical information, parts identification and ordering systems, all dedicated to maximising the productivity of your engine over its life-cycle.

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