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Perkins Pandaros Governor Alarm Output

What is the Pandaros Alarm Output?

The Perkins Pandaros Alarm output is active when the Pandaros senses a fault condition. When in a fault condition, the engine will not start and if running it would shut down.

Which engines are the Perkins Pandaros governors fitted to?

The Pandaros governors have been fitted to the following Perkins 4000 series engine ranges for use in diesel generators.

What faults might cause the Pandaros to alarm?

The only real way to identify the alarm fault is to use the software - Pandaros Packager or DC Desk. There are many faults which cause the Pandaros to go into an alarm state, such as:

  • A magnetic Pickup Failure
  • The Boost sensor
  • A governor Actuator Issue
  • An overspeed situation
  • A voltage supply issue
  • The 5V reference voltage being incorrect
  • An internal fault with the Pandaros governor
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