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All About the Perkins 1106A-E70TAG4 Engine

What is the Perkins 1106A-E70TAG4 diesel engine?

The Perkins 1106A-E70TAG4 is a part of the Perkins 1100 series of diesel engines. The 1106A-E70TAG4 engine has an impressive power to weight ratio leading to higher performance levels.

Where is the Perkins 1106A-E70TAG4 diesel engine currently manufactured?

The 1106A-E70TAG4 engine is a 7.0 L turbocharged and after cooled straight 6 engine which is currently made in the UK in Peterborough. The build list number for this Perkins engine begins PR.

The engine makes use of a mechanical fuel injection system, which works alongside the engines 7 L engine to provide an impressive power to weight ratio. This engine runs at 50 Hz.

What is the displacement of the Perkins 1106A-E70TAG4 diesel engine?

The engine requires 16.5 L of oil for lubrication, 21 L of coolant for the liquid cooled cooling system and has a total displacement of 7.01L.

What is the power output of the Perkins 1106A-E70TAG4 diesel engine?

All these elements combine, leading the engine to produce 263 horsepower (196.3 kWm) at 1500 RPM. Oil service intervals are 500 hours as standard.

What power rating does the Perkins 1106A-E70TAG4 diesel engine run at?

This engine can be ran in a diesel generator at either Prime (PRP) or Standby (ESP) ratings and has been designed for excellent load acceptance to make sure that power is produced quickly under all conditions.

What is the fuel consumption of the Perkins 1106A-E70TAG4 diesel engine?

The Perkins 1106A-E70TAG4 fuel consumption depends on its load. At 1500 rpm prime power it is has the following fuel consumption (percent of prime power):

  • At 50% it uses 23.1 litres/hr
  • At 75% it uses 34.7 litres/hr
  • At prime power it uses 45.8 litres/hr
  • At 110% it uses 49.4 litres/hr

What are the dimensions of the Perkins 1106A-E70TAG4 diesel engine?

The dimensions of this Perkins Engine are 1763mm (69.4") Long, 756mm (29.8") Wide and 1142mm (45") high. The cylinders have measurements of 105mm for the bore and 135mm for the stroke. The engine has a (dry) mass of 788kg.

As viewed from the flywheel end, the rotation of this engine is anti-clockwise.

This engine could be used to great effect in the power generation industry by pairing it with an alternator to make a generator. The generator could also be ran in parallel with other generators to increase the power output for when a larger power output is required.

What customer support is offered with the Perkins 1106A-E70TAG4 diesel engine?

The professional network of Perkins suppliers, distributors and trained engine experts are available to deliver full time service assistance at 24/7, 365 days a year. They have a selection of modern web based tools at their ready to cover technical information, identifying parts and ordering systems. These tools are provided so that the productivity and efficiency of your diesel engine can be maximised.