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All About the Baudouin 6M11G150/5 Engine

What is the Baudouin 6M11G150/5 diesel engine?

The Baudouin 6M11G150/5 is currently the least powerful engine from Baudouin's 6M11 range which is manufactured in France and China. The aspiration in this 6 cylinder engine comes from a turbocharger and air to air after cooler.

This engine, which runs at 1500 RPM, has a fuel system with a duplex fine filter and a P type fuel injection pump. Both of which contribute to an improved efficiency in the running of the engine.

What is the power output of the Baudouin 6M11G150/5 diesel engine?

This 6M11G150/5 Baudouin Engine produces 187.7 horsepower (140 kWm) and has a total displacement of 6.75 litres.

Need a diesel generator? Our UK made diesel generators include this Baudouin diesel engine.

What power rating does the Baudouin 6M11G150/5 diesel engine run at?

The engine is available for use in diesel generators at Prime (PRP) or Standby (ESP) ratings.

What are the dimensions of the Baudouin 6M11G150/5 diesel engine?

This Baudouin Diesel Engine has dimensions of 1726mm in length, 856mm in width and 1146mm in height. With a dry weight of 710kg (all measurements including the radiator). The cylinders have a bore of 105mm and stroke of 130mm.

Paired with an alternator to make a generator, this engine can be used for a variety of power applications. Using the generator in parallel with other generators would increase the power produced and also make a more reliable source of energy.

What customer support is offered with the Baudouin 6M11G150/5 diesel engine?

Baudouin have a presence in over 100 countries worldwide therefore there is always someone at your disposal to help solve any problems you may encounter.

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