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Explained: The Baudouin 6M11 Series

Baudouin 6M11 Series Overview

The 6M11 series from Baudouin is the smallest 6 cylinder range offered by Baudouin. The smallest (by power output) engine is the 6M11G150/5 (50 Hz) which produces 187.7 hp (140 kWm) where as the largest is the 6M11G176/6 (60 Hz) which produces 268.2 hp (200 kWm). This range encompasses engines that run at either 1500 RPM or 1800 RPM.

The engines in this range are all a straight six with a displacement of 6.75 L. All the engines uses a P type mechanical injection pump for the fuel system with an electronic governor (all, bar 1, of the engines have the option of coming with a mechanical governor instead). The bore x stroke of this range is 105 x 130 mm.

All engines in this range are turbocharged and air to air after cooled.

The 6M11 Series are an ideally sized small engine which could be used in the power generation industry. Coupled with an alternator this would make for a reliable and versatile generator set.

For more information on this range see the attached specification sheet.

Baudouin 6M11 Series Range

Engines in this series include the:

Article: 550, Version: 1