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Explained: The Perkins 1200 Series

Perkins 1200 Series Overview

The Perkins 1200 series have been designed to work in the harshest conditions and provide power around the clock. The engines have the best and latest technology so that they can produce reliable, quiet and clean power.

Need a generator? Our UK diesel generators are a great choice and the Perkins powered range of generators include these engine models.

The series uses 6 cylinder engines which come with a wide variety in choice of options and engine configurations. Meaning it will be easy to find an engine which fits your needs.

Perkins 1200 Series Manufacturing Locations

The Perkins 1200 series is manufactured in Peterborough, UK. You can find the manufacturing location of your Perkins engine here.

Perkins 1200 Series Range

Engines in this range include:

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Perkins 1200 Series

All engines, from every manufacturer, have key advantages and disadvantages. Some of the key points when considering this engine range are:

Advantages of Perkins 1200 Series

  • Excellent Support Network for warranty and service cover
  • Modern, efficient engine utilizing full authority engine control.
  • High residual value compared with other engine brands in power generation.

Disadvantages of Perkins 1200 Series

  • Initial Cost may be high compared to other engines in this segment
  • For Standby applications, other engines have longer standard warranty periods
  • Twin turbo models are often not preferred in this segment