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Explained: The Perkins 2500 Series

Perkins 2500 Series Overview

The Perkins 2500 Series has been designed and developed using cutting edge engineering techniques to provide a range of engines with superior performance and reliability. The engines in this range have an excellent power to weight ratio and therefore an outstanding fuel consumption. Due to the features of this engine it makes for a prime choice engine to be used in the power generation industry.

The 2500 series are a collection of straight 6, 15 L engines. They are turbocharged and after cooled engines with a direct injection fuel system controlled by an electronic control system. The engines in this range produce between 440-595 hp (328-444 kW) and are ideally suited for the power generation industry.

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Perkins 2500 Series Manufacturing Locations

The Perkins 2500 series is manufactured in Seguin, USA. You can check the manufacturing location of your Perkins engine here.

Perkins 2500 Series Range

The engines have been designed with the customers demands in mind, meaning that the 2500 series is a great fit for most applications.

Engines in this range include:

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Perkins 2500 Series

All engines, from every manufacturer, have advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the key points when considering this engine range.

Advantages of Perkins 2500 Series

  • Excellent Support Network for warranty and service cover
  • Modern, efficient engine utilizing full authority engine control.
  • High residual value compared with other engine brands in power generation.

Disadvantages of Perkins 2500 Series

  • Initial Cost may be high compared to other engines in this segment
  • For Standby applications, other engines have longer standard warranty periods
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