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Explained: The Perkins 400 Series

Perkins 400 Series Overview

The Perkins 400 series is the smallest range of diesel engines for generators that Perkins make. The range includes engines of 2, 3 and 4 cylinders. The 400 series specifically targets the smaller, compact engine sector and has been designed to give improved performance and reliability.

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The series aim to create an engine which has low operating costs but high performance all in an ultra compact package. The engines provide economic and durable operation at both prime and standby duties. Most engines in this series are naturally aspirated.

Perkins 400 Series Manufacturing Locations

The Perkins 400 series is manufactured in Peterborough, UK and Wuxi, China.  You can find the manufacturing location of your Perkins engine here.

Perkins 400 Series Range

Engines in this range include:

Non-emissions Compliant 400 Series

Note: These models cannot be CE marked and are therefore not suitable for use in Europe. This is down to the guarding arrangement on the radiators.

Euro Stage IIIA Compliant 400 Series

  • 402D-05G
  • 403D-07G
  • 403D-11G
  • 403D-15G
  • 404D-22G
  • 404D-22TG
  • 404D-22TAG (60Hz Only)

Euro Stage V Compliant 400 Series

  • 402J-05G
  • 403J-07G
  • 403J-11G
  • 403J-15G
  • 404J-22G

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Perkins 400 Series

All engines, from every manufacturer, have key advantages and disadvantages. Some of the key points when considering this engine range are:

Advantages of Perkins 400 Series

  • Excellent Support Network for warranty and service cover
  • Modern, efficient engine produced in volume for generator applications.
  • High residual value compared with other engine brands in power generation.
  • Fuel Efficient Design

Disadvantages of Perkins 400 Series

  • Initial Cost may be high compared to other engines in this segment
  • For Standby applications, other engines have longer standard warranty periods