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All About the Baudouin 6M26G550/5 Engine

What is the Baudouin 6M26G550/5 diesel engine?

The Baudouin 6M26G550/5 is currently one of the mid-sized engines offered in the 6M26 range. The 6 cylinder engine has a turbocharger and air to air after-cooler for its aspiration.

The engine has an in line fuel injection pump with electronic governors for the fuel injection system. The engine also has a duplex fine filter and water separation filter assembly with a transparent cup allowing for improved efficiency.

The Baudouin 6M26G550/5 diesel engine is manufactured in France and China.

What is the power output of the Baudouin 6M26G550/5 diesel engine?

This 6M26G550/5 Baudouin Engine produces 657.1 horsepower (490 kWm) when running at 1500 RPM and has a total displacement of 15.9L. The engine also rotates counterclockwise.

Need a diesel generator? Our UK made diesel generators include this Baudouin diesel engine.

What power rating does the Baudouin 6M26G550/5 diesel engine run at?

The engine is available for use in diesel generators at Prime (PRP) or Standby (ESP) ratings.

What is the fuel consumption of the Baudouin 6M26G550/5 engine?

The Baudouin 6M26G550/5 fuel consumption depends on its load. At 1500 rpm prime power it is has the following fuel consumption (percent of prime power):

  • At 50% it uses 53.6 litres/hr
  • At 75% it uses 78.4 litres/hr
  • At 100% it uses 104.9 litres/hr
  • At Emergency Standby Power it uses 116.9 litres/hr

What are the dimensions of the Baudouin 6M26G550/5 diesel engine?

This Baudouin Diesel Engine has dimensions of 2808mm in length, 1500mm in width and 1764mm in height. With a dry weight of 2300kg (all measurements including the radiator). The cylinders have a bore of 150mm and stroke of 150mm.

This mid sized engine can be used with an alternator to create a diesel generator which can be used for a many different appliances in different industries for power generation. To produce more power the generator can be placed in sync with 1 (or more) extra generators to increase power output.

What customer support is offered with the Baudouin 6M26G550/5 diesel engine?

Baudouin have a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide. Their team are available to help on a number of issues including providing technical information on your engine or providing genuine spare parts.

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