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Explained: The Baudouin 6M26 Series

Baudouin 6M26 Series Overview

The Baudouin 6M26 series are a range of good all round diesel engines which can be used in a diesel generator. The smallest engine in the range is the 6M26G500/5 engine (50 Hz) which produces 599.4 hp (447 kWm), at the other end of the series is the 6M26G500/6 engine (60 Hz) which produces 745.6 hp (556 kWm). The largest engine from the series to run at 50 Hz is the 6M26G550/5 which produces 657.1 hp (460 kWm).

The 15.9 L straight six engine rotates counter clockwise and has a bore x stroke of 150 x 150 mm. The fuel system this series uses is an in line fuel injection pump with electronic governors for increased efficiency.

The aspiration of all engines in this series are turbocharged and air to air after cooled.

The 6M26 series are a solid range of engines which can be used in a diesel generator. Pairing one of these engines will make a reliable and durable generator set.

Baudouin Customer Support

The Baudouin after sales service and technical team have a presence in over 100 nations globally, meaning that help is always at your disposal if you need it.

See the attached specification sheet for more information on this range.

Baudouin 6M26 Series Range

Engines in this range include: