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All About the Stamford HCI434C1 Alternator

What is a Stamford HCI434C1 Alternator?

The Stamford HCI434C1 alternator is a highly versatile alternator which is used in shopping centres, industrial buildings and for grid code applications.

The HCI434C1 uses a PMG for its excitation system. For the same alternator but with a self exciting excitation system check out the Stamford HCI444C1 alternator.

Where is the HCI434C1 Alternator currently manufactured?

As of the start of 2020, this alternator, along with the rest of the HC4 range, is manufactured in Wuxi (China), Craiova (Romania) and Ahmednagar (India).

To find out more on where Stamford manufacture their alternators, click here.

What is the power rating of the HCI434C1 Alternator?

Using this alternator at 50 Hz will produce 275 kVA of standby power and 250 kVA of prime power. The power factor for this alternator is 0.8.

Where can I find further information on the HCI434C1 Alternator?

This is a 4 pole alternator which has a class H insulation class.

This alternator can either have the MX341 AVR or the MX321 AVR.

The total weight of the single bearing alternator is 850 kg. The shipping weight is 920 kg with dimensions 155 x 87 x 107 cm.

How is the quality of a HCI434C1 Alternator assured?

As with all Stamford products, this alternator is manufactured in line with the guidelines for quality assurance certification ISO 9001.