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Is a diesel generator cheaper than mains electricity?

Generator Power vs Mains Electricity Power Cost

A generator is normally a lot more expensive than mains electricity. The balance depends on the price of diesel and the cost of your mains electricity. This varies wildly by country and even region, so there is no fixed answer. You can calculate the cost of mains vs a diesel generator with our handy calculator.

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Generator Power vs Mains Electricity Power Cost in The UK

In 2022 with the current high price of electricity, it may be cheaper to run a generator than the mains. This depends on the cost of your diesel and mains electricity.

Residential Generator Power vs Mains Electricity  Cost in - In The UK

With the residential price cap in October 2022 a generator may be cheaper, especially if you can maintain it yourself and run it for limited periods, however this does not include the initial capital cost of a generator. For small home installations, it is unlikely you would save anything if you include all the costs. With future rises, it may be you can find a saving.

Commercial Generator Power vs Mains Electricity Cost - In The UK

With energy being uncapped for commercial uses a generator may be a cheaper option. Note, for commercial power you must use WHITE DIESEL, you cannot use red diesel. With the white diesel price at £1.80 per litre and a generator producing about 3kW per liter, you would need your electricity price to be over  60p per kWh, before taking into account servicing, maintenance and the initial capital cost.

The more power you are using, the more likely it is to be a viable option.