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The Stamford HC4/HCI4 Alternator Series

What are the Stamford HC4/HCI4 Alternators used for?

The Stamford HC4/HCI4 alternator series has been designed to be a highly efficient alternator for use within many industries. This alternator can be paired with a diesel engine to help power industrial buildings, shopping centres and critical standby power application. Alternators in this range have the option of a PMG system.

Where is the Stamford HC4/HCI4 Alternators currently manufactured?

The HC4/HC4I Series are built in  Ahmednagar (India), Wuxi (China) and Craiova (Romania).

Need a generator? Our UK made diesel generators include these Stamford alternators.

What are the power ratings of the HC4/HCI4 series?

The maximum continuous rating of the HC4/HCI4 is 500 kVA at 60 Hz or 400 kVA at 50 Hz with a output voltage in the range 380-690 volts. 

What alternators are in the HC4/HCI4 series?

Alternators in this range include: