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What is a generator control module? Why is it needed and what does it do?

What is a generator control module?

A generator control module is a type of PLC that is used to monitor and control a diesel generators parameters and provide system protection functions.

Typically on a diesel generator the generator control module is responsible for starting the engine, monitoring various generator protections and displaying warnings or shutting down the engine in the event of a protection being out of a defined range.

What are the common brands of generator controller?

Many brands of diesel generator controllers are available, the most common found are:

Most controller manufacturers provide similar protections basic protections. They offer a broad range of controllers, the more expensive and advanced types will offer a broader range of protections and functions to suit more advanced applications.

Can I program my generator controller?

Some controllers, like the Deep Sea Electronics, the software is available as a free download, where as others it may be available only at a cost, or in some cases, only available for dealers.

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