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What are the Mecc Alte UVR6 Technical Specifications? What protections does it have?

What is a Mecc Alte UVR6 AVR?

The UVR6 is an analogue automatic voltage regulator, that was available on all Mecc Alte AC alternators. Mecc Alte have manufactured alternators for many years, these have been coupled to diesel engines to produce diesel generators.

The UVR6 AVR is built with very similar technology to the smaller SR7. The UVR6 is also of capable of both single phase and three phase sensing.

What protections does the Mecc Alte UVR6 have built in?

The UVR6 is equipped with Overload protection and Low Speed protection. There are LEDs built into the AVR that light up when either of these protection systems intervene.

Both protections have adjustable parameters. The Overload protection has a delay built in, this enables the alternator to be more accepting to motor starting.

Where can I get its technical specification?

You can find out more information about the UVR6 below.