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The Stamford S4 Alternator Series

What is the Stamford S4 Alternator Series?

The Stamford S4 series builds upon the already efficient HC4/HCI4 series. The S4 range has an improved thermal management system which makes use of a high efficiency air cooling flow system. This means the S4 range has improved thermal performance along with increased power density. Additionally the S4 series makes use of a self exciting excitation system but have the option of a PMG excitation system as well.

Where is the Stamford S4 Alternator Series currently manufactured?

The S4 series is manufactured in Ahmednagar (India), Wuxi (China), Stamford (UK) and Craiova (Romania) as of January 2020.

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What is the power rating of the Stamford S4 Alternator Series?

The voltage output of the S4 series is 380-690 volts and has a maximum continuous output of 560 kVA at 60 Hz and 450 kVA at 50 Hz.

What alternators are included in the Stamford S4 Series?

Alternators in this range include: