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All About the Stamford S4L1D-E41 Alternator

What is the Stamford S4L1D-E41 Alternator?

The S4L1D-E41 alternator is a part of the Stamford S4 family. The alternator includes the new thermal management system which helps improves the thermal capabilities alongside the power density of the alternator.

The alternator comes with a self exciting excitation system as standard and has the option of a PMG excitation system.

Where is the Stamford S4L1D-E41 Alternator currently manufactured?

The Stamford S4L1D-E41 alternator is currently made in Stamford (UK), Craiova (Romania), Wuxi (China) and Ahmednagar (India).

More information on where Stamford manufacture their products can be found here.

What is the power rating of the Stamford S4L1D-E41 Alternator?

At 50 Hz, the maximum standby power that can be generated is 415 kVA and the maximum prime power output is 360 kVA. The power factor is 0.8.

Where can I find further information on the Stamford S4L1D-E41 Alternator?

The S4L1D-E41 is a 4 pole alternator with an IP rating of IP 23.

The insulation class for this alternator is class H.

The total weight of this alternator is 1024 kg. The shipping weight is 1095 kg and the dimensions of the shipping crate are 155 x 87 x 107 cm.

How is the quality of the S4L1D-E41 Alternator assured?

The S4L1D-E41 alternator is produced to the quality assurance standard BS EN ISO 9001.