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Perkins 4006, 4008 or 4012 Series Engine running too fast (1560 RPM approx)

Which Perkins 4000 Series Engines does this apply to?

This applies to the following Perkins engine models, running with the new Perkins ECM design. This replaced the old Pandoras governor in late 2018. It applies to 4000 series models.

  1. 4006-23TAG2A
  2. 4006-23TAG3A
  • 4008 Series Engines
    1. 4008TAG1A
    2. 4008TAG2A
  • 4012 Series Engines
    1. 4012-46TWG2A
    2. 4012-46TWG3A
    3. 4012-46TAG0A
    4. 4012-46TAG1A
    5. 4012-46TAG2A
    6. 4012-46TAG3A

    What are the symptoms?

    The engine runs correctly, however the speed is not 1500RPM, the engine will run at around 1560 RPM.

    What is the solution?

    The solution is to connect from 36 (Switch Imput Return) to 51 (Digital Speed Control Enable). On previous ECU's this connection could of been left open, on this ECU it needs connecting.

    Once done and the engine is started again, the speed will be correct at the 1500RPM.