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Explained: The Baudouin 6M33 Series

Baudouin 6M33 Series Overview

The 6M33 series from Baudouin is the largest series of 6 cylinder engines that Baudouin offer. The series includes 8 different engine models, with the smallest being the 6M33G660/5 (50 Hz) which produces 787.2 hp (587 kWm) and the biggest in the series is the 6M33G660/6 (60 Hz) which produces 992.4 hp (740 kWm). The 6M33G825/5 is the most powerful 50 Hz engine from the range producing 972.2 hp (725 kWm).

The 6 cylinder engines have a displacement of 19.6 L, a bore x stroke of 150 x 185 mm and an engine that rotates anticlockwise. Most the engines in this series have an in line mechanical fuel injection pump for the fuel system but the two most powerful engines (6M33G825/5 and 6M33G660/6) have a high pressure common rail fuel injection system.

The engines in this range are aspirated by a turbocharger and air to air after cooler. 

The 6M33 series are a good solid set of mid to high powered engines which can be used in the power generation industry. Pairing one of these engines with an alternator would make a good all round generator set to provide you with power.

Baudouin Customer Support

Baudouin have a brilliant worldwide sales team who are on hand to help with a range of queries you may have on your engine. They are able to help on issues relating to maintenance, technical support, locating genuine spare parts and much more.

Baudouin 6M33 Series Range

Engines in this series include: