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All About the Cummins QSK60-G4 HPI Engine

What is the Cummins QSK60-G4 HPI diesel engine?

The Cummins QSK60 series makes use of sophisticated electronics and premium engineering to provide the best possible performance levels. The QSK60-G4 HPI has a two pump two loop low temperature after cooling system, a turbocharger and 16 cylinders.

The 50 Hz engine has a Cummins high pressure injection fuel system with full authority electronic control.

What is the power output of the Cummins QSK60-G4 HPI diesel engine?

This engine has a total displacement of 60.2 litres, requires 280 litres of oil and 242 litres of coolant. The engine is also supplied with a complete cooling pack and air cleaning kit for a complete power package. The gross engine output at prime power is 2319 horsepower (1730 kWm) at 1500 RPM.

What power rating does the Cummins QSK60-G4 HPI diesel engine run at?

The QSK60-G4 HPI is suitable for use in diesel generators at Prime (PRP)Standby (ESP) and Continuous (COP) ratings making it a versatile engine.

What is the fuel consumption of the Cummins QSK60-G4 HPI engine?

The Cummins QSK60-G4 HPI fuel consumption depends on its load. At 1500 rpm prime power it is has the following fuel consumption (percent of prime power):

  • At 25% it uses 114 litres/hr
  • At 50% it uses 200 litres/hr
  • At 75% it uses 291 litres/hr
  • At 100% it uses 394 litres/hr

What are the dimensions of the Cummins QSK60-G4 HPI diesel engine?

The dimensions of this Cummins Diesel Engine are 4979mm long, 2494mm wide, 3201mm high and has a (dry) weight of 9685 kg. The dimensions of the bore and stroke are 159mm and 190mm respectively.

Due to the size of this large engine it makes it very adaptable for many different industries as a diesel powered generator. To increase the output further, the generator set can be placed in parallel with other generator sets to increase the output.

What customer support is offered with the Cummins QSK60-G4 HPI diesel engine?

Every Cummins engine comes with a high level of technical support and after sales service. The support is delivered through their expert global network of professionals to make sure your engine is always performing at its best. Each product has also been rigorously tested to ensure high durability, reliability and performance.