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All About the Mecc Alte ECP34 2L4 C Alternator

What is the Mecc Alte ECP34 2L4 C Alternator?

The ECP34 2L4 C alternator is the largest alternator in the ECP34 C alternator series. It is a three phase, four pole brushless AC alternator with a 2/3 winding pitch which helps reduce the current harmonics. The alternator has an impressive power to size ratio due to how efficient it is and it is also very user friendly with assembly, maintenance and installation all being made easier and simpler.

Alternators with similar ratings from other brands include the Stamford UCI274F and the Leroy Somer TAL044J/TAL044K.

Where is the ECP34 2L4 C Alternator currently manufactured?

Much like the rest of the ECP34 C range, this alternator is made in Italy, China, India and UK.

If you want to find out more about where Mecc Alte manufacture their alternators, click here.

What is the power rating of the ECP34 2L4 C Alternator?

At 50 Hz, the ECP34 2L4 C can generate a prime power output of 165 kVA and a standby power output of 181 kVA. The power factor of the alternator is 0.8.

Where can I find further information on the Mecc Alte ECP34 2L4 C Alternator?

The complete weight of the alternator is 440kg.

The alternator is excited by an auxiliary wound excitation system.

The protection rating on the alternator is IP23. On purchase this can be altered to fit the customers needs.

How is the quality of the ECP34 2L4 C Alternator assured?

The ECP34 2L4 C Alternator is produced to the ISO 9001 certification. This means that all production procedures for the alternator are monitored to make sure a quality product is always delivered.