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All About the Leroy Somer TAL044J Alternator

What is the Leroy Somer TAL044J Alternator?

The Leroy Somer TAL044J is a proven alternator from the TAL044 range. The four pole, three phase alternator has been engineered to meet the demands for prime and standby power applications across the telecom, industrial and commercial markets. The alternator has a single bearing design which makes it compatible with most diesel engines.

The alternator is available with either a PMG, shunt or auxiliary wound excitation system.

For similar alternators from different brands check out the Stamford UCI274F or the Mecc Alte ECP34 2L4 C.

Where is the Leroy Somer TAL044J Alternator currently manufactured?

The Leroy Somer TAL044J alternator is currently manufactured in China and Czech Republic.

What is the power rating of the Leroy Somer TAL044J Alternator?

The alternator can produce a prime power output of 150 kVA and a standby power output of 165 kVA (50 Hz, three phase, 0.8 power factor).

Where can I find further information on the Leroy Somer TAL044J Alternator?

The shaft height of the alternator is 270 mm and the total weight is 383 kg.

The material insulation system is class H.

The alternator has an IP23 protection rating.

The windings have a 2/3 pitch to help reduce the harmonic content of the voltage.

How is the quality of the Leroy Somer TAL044J Alternator assured?

The alternator is designed, manufactured and tested to the production quality standard ISO 9001. This ensures that the Leroy Somer high quality is consistently delivered with all of their alternators.