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Explained: The Baudouin 12M26 Series

Baudouin 12M26 Series Overview

The 12M26 series from Baudouin is the smallest 12 cylinder series that Baudouin provide. The 9 model series has a variety of different engines depending on your needs. At the lower end of the series is the 12M26G825/5 (50 Hz) engine which produces 1003.1 hp (748 kWm) whilst at the higher powered end of the series is the 12M26G1000/6 which produces 1495.2 hp (1115 kWm).

The series all have a 31.8L V12 engine which rotates counter clockwise. All the engines also have a bore x stroke of 150 x 150 mm and have an in line mechanical fuel injection pump with an electronic governor

The engines in this range are all turbocharged and air to air after cooled.

The 12M26 diesel engine range from Baudouin are an ideal range of engines to use in the power generation industry. Pairing one of these engines with an alternator in a generator would make for a reliable and robust diesel generator

Baudouin Customer Support

Baudouin products come with a top level of support and after sales service from their worldwide team of certified experts. Their team are able to answer queries in a quick and responsive manner making sure you get the help you need.

Extra information on the Baudouin 12M26 series can be located on the attached specification sheet.

Baudouin 12M26 Series Range

Engines in this range include: