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All About the Stamford UCI274E Alternator

What is a Stamford UCI274E Alternator?

The UCI274E alternator from Stamford is part of the UC27 range of alternators. The UCI274E has been designed to fit customer demands and is capable of doing a variety of different applications. These include, grid code, utility works and mobile construction.

For a similar alternator from a different brand, check out the ECP34 2M4 C from Mecc Alte.

Where is the Stamford UCI274E Alternator currently manufactured?

This alternator is manufactured in Ahmednagar (India), Wuxi (China) and Craiova (Romania).

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What is the power rating for the Stamford UCI274E Alternator?

At a power factor of 0.8, this alternator will produce a maximum standby power of 150 kVA and a prime power of 140 kVA (at 50 Hz). The output voltage range is 380-415 volts.

Where can I get further information on a UCI274E Alternator?

This 4 pole alternator has an insulation system of class H.

The excitation system for this alternator has the option of either the self exciting system or a PMG. Each option then comes with their own choice of two different AVRs.

The weight of the single bearing, three phase alternator is 492 kg which has a shipping weight of 525 kg. The dimensions of the shipping crate are 123 x 67 x 103 cm.

How is the quality of a UCI274E Alternator assured?

The UCI274E alternator is manufactured to the ISO 9001 quality standard. This means that the production of the alternator is closely monitored to ensure that a high quality product will be delivered to the customer.

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