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All About the Mecc Alte ECP34 2M4 C Alternator

What is the Mecc Alte ECP34 2M4 C Alternator?

It is a three phase, four pole AC alternator from the Mecc Alte ECP34 C range. The alternator is very efficient and has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. It has new features that enable maintenance and installation to be quicker and easier and the alternator is excited by an auxiliary wound excitation system.

For an interchangeable alternator from a different brand, check out Stamford's UCI274E.

Where is the ECP34 2M4 C Alternator currently manufactured?

The ECP34 2M4 C Alternator is currently made in UK, India, China and Italy.

For more information on where Mecc Alte make their products, click here.

What is the power rating of the ECP34 2M4 C Alternator?

The alternator can produce a standby power output of 148 kVA and a prime power output of 135 kVA when running at 50 Hz. This alternator has a power factor of 0.8.

Where can I find further information on the Mecc Alte ECP34 2M4 C Alternator?

The complete weight of the ECP34 2M4 C alternator is 388 kg.

The protection rating is IP23, which can be upgraded if requested by the customer.

The material insulation system of the alternator is class H.

How is the quality of the ECP34 2M4 C Alternator assured?

The alternator is produced to the production quality standard ISO 9001. Therefore this can be purchased with the confidence that it will meet your demands and be made to a high quality.

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