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1206A Generator Engine Fault, ECU DTC on DSE, Fuel /water seperator High voltage, or short 97,3,38

The Perkins 1206A Engine - new in 2019. When wiring any of the engines in this range (the 1206A-E70TTAG11206A-E70TTAG2 or 1206A-E70TTAG3) you may come across the ECU DTC fault displaying on the generator controller, such as the Deep Sea Electronics DSE 7320 MK 2, as follows:

Fuel /water separator, ​High voltage, or short, 97,3,38 on the DTC

Actually, referring to the original diagram supplied with the engine, there is an error. The positive and negative wires are connected incorrectly.

If you pull back the cable sheathing on the connector coming from the ECU that you connect the water separators into, the wires are coloured.

You can then connect the plug to match the engine connector and the DTC will clear.

Note: This diagram will no doubt be updated with time so we suggest checking the colours and wiring the plug correctly.