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Explained: The Baudouin 12M55 Series

Baudouin 12M55 Series Overview

The 12M55 series from Baudouin is a collection of Baudouin's most powerful 12 cylinder engines. The series includes 6 different engines, 3 of which run at 1500 RPM and the other three that run at 1800 RPM. The least powerful engine from the series is the 12M55G2300/5 (1500 RPM) which produces 2708.9 hp (2020 kWm) and the most powerful is the 12M55G2500/6 (1800 RPM) which produces 3620.8 hp (2700 kWm). 

The massive 65.65 L V12 engines have a fuel system which use a common rail fuel injection system with an ECU governor, this allows for increased efficiency and improved fuel consumption. The bore x stroke of the engines in this series are 180 x 215 mm.

The engines in this range are turbocharged and air to water after cooled.

The powerful 12M55 series would be ideally suited to be used in the power generation industry, especially on jobs where a large power produced is needed due to the size of these engines.

Baudouin Customer Support

All Baudouin products also come with a world class level of support. If you have queries regarding spare parts, technical information or anything else related to their product one of their trained professionals will be on hand to help answer them.

For further information on the 12M55 range please find the attached specification sheet.

Baudouin 12M55 Series Range

Engines in this series include: