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Explained: The Baudouin 16M33 Series

Baudouin 16M33 Series Overview

The 16M33 range from Baudouin is the only 16 cylinder range of engines that Baudouin offer. The 16M33G1700/5 is the smallest engine from the range and produces 2051.8 hp (1530 kWm) whilst the 16M33G1500/6 is the biggest engine from the series producing 2393.7 hp (1785 kWm). All engines in this range have been especially designed to run at emergency standby power (ESP) applications only.

The colossal 52.3 L V16 engine rotates anti-clockwise and the bore x stroke of engine is 150 x 185 mm. The engines have a high pressure common rail fuel injection system and have an ECU governor which improves the efficiency of the engines.

The aspiration of the engines in this series happens through a turbocharger and air to water after cooler.

The 16M33 Baudouin series of engines are well suited to be used in the power generation industry. The engines size leads them to being well suited for a job which requires high energy production. 

Baudouin Customer Support

Baudouin products come with an unprecedented level of support and help. They have a worldwide team of trained experts who are able to help with any queries you may have.

More information on the 16M33 series can be found on the attached specification sheet. 

Baudouin 16M33 Series Range

Engines in this range include:

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