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All About the Baudouin 4M06G44/5 Engine

What is the Baudouin 4M06G44/5 diesel engine?

The Baudouin 4M06G44/5 is currently one of the median powered engines from the 4M06 range. The engine is made up of a one piece forged crankshaft with separate cast ion cylinder heads and wet liners. The pistons are made of an aluminium alloy with an oil cooling gallery.

The engines are manufactured in France and China.

This engine is only available in the 50Hz configuration but is still very versatile for any lower power applications. The fuel system is a P type fuel injection pump allowing for higher inject pressure.

What is the power output of the Baudouin 4M06G44/5 diesel engine?

This 4M06G44/5 Baudouin Engine produces 55 horsepower (41 kWm) when running at 1500 RPM and has a total displacement of 2.3L.

Need a diesel generator? Our UK made diesel generators include this Baudouin diesel engine.

What power rating does the Baudouin 4M06G44/5 diesel engine run at?

This engine can be used in a diesel generator at either the Prime (PRP) or Standby (ESP) ratings.

What is the fuel consumption of the Baudouin 4M06G44/5 engine?

The Baudouin 4M06G44/5 fuel consumption depends on its load. At 1500 rpm prime power it is has the following fuel consumption (percent of prime power):

  • At 50% it uses 9.4 litres/hr
  • At 75% it uses 13.7 litres/hr
  • At 100% it uses 18.6 litres/hr
  • At Emergency Standby Power it uses 20.7 litres/hr

What are the dimensions of the Baudouin 4M06G44/5 diesel engine?

The dimensions of this Baudouin Diesel Engine are 1120mm in length, 627 mm in width and 786mm in height. With a dry weight of 280kg (all measurements including the radiator). The cylinders have a bore of 89mm and stroke of 92mm.

Built into a generator with an alternator, this smaller engine can be used for many lower power appliances such as a portable generator.

What customer support is offered with the Baudouin 4M06G44/5 diesel engine?

As with all Baudouin products, you can expect a Baudouin Diesel Engine to be durable, reliable and have a great cost of ownership. Baudouin products also come with a great after sales service where the Baudouin team are always on hand to help.