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All About the Mecc Alte ECP34 1M4 C Alternator

What is the Mecc Alte ECP34 1M4 C Alternator?

The ECP34 1M4 C alternator is a mid sized alternator from the Mecc Alte ECP34 C alternator series. The alternator has been engineered to meet the demands of the customer and includes many features which make its assembly and installation much easier. It is also a highly efficient alternator with an impressive power to size ratio.

Where is the ECP34 1M4 C Alternator currently manufactured?

The ECP34 alternator series is currently made in India, UK, Italy and China.

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What is the power rating of the ECP34 1M4 C Alternator?

This three phase, four pole alternator can generate 125 kVA of prime power and 137 kVA of standby power (both 50 Hz). The power factor of this alternator is 0.8.

Where can I find further information on the Mecc Alte ECP34 1M4 C Alternator?

The excitation system on the ECP34 1M4 C is an auxiliary wound system.

The total weight of the alternator is 370 kg.

The IP rating of the alternator is IP23.

How is the quality of the ECP34 1M4 C Alternator assured?

The alternator is produced to the production quality standard ISO 9001. This means that all production procedures are continually monitored to ensure a high quality product is delivered to the customer.