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Perkins Emissions Stickers - Chinese Writing - Why are they on our UK/USA made Engine?

Why has this article has been written?

This article has been written in order to explain the purpose and use of the UK and USA emissions stickers on UK/USA made Perkins engines. Many customers feel that because there is some writing pertaining to the use of these engines, that they might not be made in the UK - especially when written in a foreign language. This is not the case.

What do these stickers look like?

The emissions stickers vary between different model as different capacity engines require different stickers to comply with regulations. an example of a sticker from a Perkins 400 series and Perkins 4000 engine is shown below. There are also some other types, depending on the engine family.



Why are these stickers on my UK made engine?

Most countries in the world now have some emissions legislation in place to reduce the build up of particulates in their local environment. Perkins engines produce a range of products to sell worldwide.

The above example of a label on a 400 series engine that was built in the UK, shows that this engine is suitable only for export from China if it has been imported into China, because it does not meet the Chinese emission standards.

Why do they have to put this sticker on an engine not being sent to  China?

Simply, China is a huge market. Like many other parts of the world, they like UK made products. Perkins therefore build their engines to a standard specification, which included this sticker as many of the engines build will be supplied to China.

Can I have an engine without this sticker?

No, it's a standard build currently, so every engine produced of this model has this sticker on. This may change in the future, but as of the time of writing, standard. If you don't need this sticker to comply with your local laws, you may remove it.

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