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All About the Mecc Alte ECP32 2M4 C Alternator

What is the Mecc Alte ECP32 2M4 C Alternator?

The Mecc Alte ECP32 2M4 C alternator is a mid range alternator from Mecc Alte's ECP32 C range. It is a three phase, four pole brushless AC alternator and hosts a variety of features which improve the efficiency of the alternator as well as how easy it is to use. As it is a type C alternator it makes the most of energy conversion and therefore can generate a maximum power to size ratio.

Where is the ECP32 2M4 C Alternator currently manufactured?

The ECP32 2M4 C is currently produced in Italy, China, UK and India.

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What is the power rating of the ECP32 2M4 C Alternator?

The prime power output of this alternator is 62.5 kVA and the standby power output is 68.8 kVA (both at 50 Hz). The alternator has a power factor of 0.8.

Where can I find further information on the Mecc Alte ECP32 2M4 C Alternator?

The weight of this alternator is 212 kg.

The excitation system used on this alternator is an auxiliary wound system.

The alternator has an IP rating of IP23. This can be increased with a retrofit upgrade if requested by the customer.

How is the quality of the ECP32 2M4 C Alternator assured?

As with all Mecc Alte products, this alternator is manufactured to the production quality standard BS EN ISO 9001. This means that the quality of the products delivered from Mecc Alte will always meet the customers expectations.