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The Mecc Alte ECP32 C Alternator Series

What is the Mecc Alte ECP32 Series?

It is a range of highly efficient and versatile alternators from Mecc Alte. Alternators in this range can be used for a variety of different power applications and all alternators include modern technologies that makes the alternator more user friendly.

All of the alternators in this series use auxiliary winding for their excitation.

Where is the Mecc Alte ECP32 Series currently manufactured?

This series of alternators is currently manufactured in Italy, UK, India and China.

Need a generator? Our UK made diesel generators contain these Mecc Alte alternators.

What is the power rating of the Mecc Alte ECP32 Series?

At three phase, the smallest alternator in this series will generate a maximum of 45 kVA, where as the largest alternator in the series will produce 100 kVA.

What alternators are included in the Mecc Alte ECP32 Series?

Alternators within this series include: