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Setting the Under Frequency Alarm Value on a Deep Sea Electronics Control Module, DSE 7320 MK2

he Under Frequency Alarm on a Deep Sea Electronics Control Module can be modified in a number of ways. It can be enabled or disabled, the type of alarm can be changed, the trip value can be changed, a delay can be put on the alarm and a pre-alarm can also be set.

The Under Frequency Alarm can be found in the Generator Frequency settings within the Generator section of the DSE Configuration Suite as shown below. You will need to download the Deep Sea Electronics Configuration Suite to be able to modify this alarm.


Firstly the alarm and the pre-alarm can be enabled and disabled using the tick boxes associated with each option.

The alarm type can be changed using the Action drop down box. The options are Electrical Trip or Shutdown.

Electrical Trip - Once triggered, the load will be removed the Diesel Generator and the Engine will be stopped once the cooling timer period has passed.

Shutdown - As soon as the alarm is triggered, the load will be removed and the Engine will be shutdown immediately.

The Trip value of both alarm and pre-alarm can be changed. This sets the value at which the alarm is activated.

The Activation Delay can also be set. This is a period of time for which the Diesel Generator will need to be under frequency before the alarm is triggered. If the frequency corrects before this time passes the alarm will not be triggered.